Final Drawing/ Label Illustration

Put To Action

The Eventual Color Version, For My Own Satisfaction. 


Sour Brown Aged In Oak - Beer Label
Client - Like Minds Brewing Company

This beer label was created, like a few others, with just a 24-hour turnaround from concept to completed final art. I really learned to love this time limit as a place to force decision making and going with my gut.

The concept was based on learning the brewery’s process for souring beer. Traditionally a large shallow container known as a “cool-ship” was used in souring beer. My first question was more or less my last for the brewery owner, “Do we have a cool-ship?” The answer was no and the image began to grow. A figure crossing a massive sea without a ship is where pencil sketches eventually took me. The clouds and storm-like atmosphere representing the souring of beer but also leaving room for the glass shape leaving negative space framing the figure who was eventually dubbed Flora.