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Hey, thanks for dropping by. If you have any inquiries, questions or projects for me, please feel free to reach any of the outlets above or just fill out the simple contact form below.


Now diving into the more midwestern approach, pretending that I am not talking about myself here.. Okay, lets start this thing honestly - The working Graphite Club is made up of just two members, Jake Rathkamp (that's me) the illustrator, designer and printmaker, and then there's Bernie. Bernie is the in-house support and the four legged print shop manager, incredibly more vital to the work then the photos may suggest. Jake graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design with a BFA in Illustration and Design in 2011. In his last year at MIAD, Jake found the wonderful and frustrating medium of screen printing. It was a way to transform and reproduce drawings, continuing the design and decision making process while hand crafting reproductions. Originally built in Milwaukee, WI, The Graphite Club now works and resides in the beautiful Denver, CO, although still working between both cities. 

As an illustration and printmaking studio The Graphite Club strives to create work that lives in a moment in which the elements for a narrative are provided, but the narrative is often left for the viewer. There's a strong belief that within these moments, the viewer may spend more time with an image in order to create or figure out the story occurring in front of them. I think that this room for interpretation helps create a relationship between the viewer and the art and in many cases keeps the viewer curious enough to return to the work. This being said, seemingly in contrast to this all of the work in on this website relies heavily on research. Whether it be the beer style, ingredients and brewing process, or immersing in the band's music, history or location of a show, all of the elements inside of each print are compiled and inspired from reading and immersing myself in whatever the project or direction of the image may be.

All of this being said, each and every project is it’s own opportunity at creative problem solving and we (back to first person, I suppose) look forward to the individual challenge of each and everyone of them. 


  Jake & Bernie
  The Graphite Club


Red Light Management
Andrew Bird
Grizzly Bear
Like Minds Brewing
Gallery 1988
Elitch Theatre
Milwaukee East Side BID
Two Door Cinema Club
Rockstar Design Studio
The Southern Gallery
info* Magezine
Jeff Bell Voiceover
-If I missed You let me know, I'd love to make this list longer ;)


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